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These are all original telephone answering machine messages created and performed by Bruce Grayson !  You must be older than 21 years of age to listen.

Click the titles to hear the messages (mp3 format).  

A Few Things You May Not Know.... From Spain to the Mall
Ambrosia Just Goats
Automotive Safety Alternatives I Didn't Know
Getting Chromed Halfway Moving
Confessions of an Idiot Homer's Grits
The Man Who Went Insane Dr. Lefty
Don Juan Liberwitz Red Sauce
Ramon Edwardo's Bike
Blithering Idiot Today is Glorious
Hypnotic State Hoffa
Jungle Jonny Larry's Sister
Ken & Karen Larry Katz
Mash Potato Man One Man Show
Master of the Universe House of Squirm
Matzah Hot-Line Stubbed Toe....
Unveiling a New Scent House for Sale
Raining Inside My Head Wrong Number
I'm Really Surprised You .... Are You Talking To Me?
Quit Smoking Circus Boy
Sweat Talkin
So Sorry I Wanna Buy!

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