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This Gallery contains works of acrylic on canvas.

Click the images for greater resolution.  Your comments/inquiries are welcome:  

(Pieces are available in original canvas or signed print of any size)

brainiac.jpg (111218 bytes) antenahead.jpg (84938 bytes) dscn0398.jpg (45119 bytes) zevon.jpg (158506 bytes)
Brainiac Antenna Head Dose Nudes Zevon
culdesac.jpg (213519 bytes) mainandmasada.jpg (221804 bytes) atlanta.jpg (184124 bytes) bodyflow.jpg (192880 bytes)
Culdesac Masada & Main Atlanta Body Flow
dscn0400.jpg (79241 bytes) PREGNANT FEMALE COLOR X-RAY.jpg (49285 bytes) dscn0408.jpg (55441 bytes) BOSCO RICHARDSON.jpg (56508 bytes)
Internal Pink Street Helen Bosco
12pack.jpg (66924 bytes) AQUAHOUSE W_ YELO WINDOWS.jpg (107113 bytes) BLOO  LIP.jpg (59810 bytes) dscn0404.jpg (73384 bytes)
Twelve Pack Aqua House Bloo Lip The Long One
chikeeta.jpg (50916 bytes) DAGIT FORTHRITE JR..jpg (41458 bytes) jorhay.jpg (40893 bytes) ERNEST,FRED, & YATSO.jpg (50007 bytes)
Chakeeta Dagit 4thrite GO Washington Ern Fred & Yatso
FULL BODY X-RAY IN COLOR.jpg (69267 bytes) hank.jpg (37860 bytes) Fruit Salad.JPG (308176 bytes) JONNY LONGFACE.jpg (44231 bytes)
Full Body X-ray Hank Fruit salad Longo Face
HIDING BEHIND OTHER PEOPLE.jpg (89753 bytes) KNOW SOAP RADIO.jpg (135519 bytes) lifesavers.JPG (43189 bytes) Mr Moto.jpg (113682 bytes)
Hiding Behind Know Soap Radio Micro-Slide Mr Moto
dscn0403.jpg (74116 bytes) REV. BG BLACTOWHYTE.jpg (74528 bytes) Rex Blumfarb.jpg (95948 bytes) ribaldi.jpg (51655 bytes)
Pink Street Whitewall Tires rex blumFarb Ribaldi
THE PEOPLE JUST HANGING.jpg (85972 bytes) tigerface.jpg (52866 bytes) WILLY Z.jpg (37053 bytes) zigzag.jpg (80328 bytes)
The People Just Tiger face Willy "Z" Zig-Zag

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